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A Better Mindset

Sometimes, it takes the simplest of things to have a positive attitude. For the longest time in recent years, I had a very negative outlook on my life, what it pertained and my future. Being in a better place, hopefully for a long time, has made my life much more desirable to enjoy!

I could easily blame the adverse things that have happened to me as a result of my negative mindset over the past almost four years, but I think it has stemmed from before that. Living a life that didn’t make sense along with many dynamics that caused me to be continually on my toes, literally did not help in this regard. A life outside of that seemed impossible until it became reality and as a result those close to me were often the casualty of my reacting negatively for the life that I had to endure that wasn’t totally the optimal life for me. 

I now realize that in part making wiser food and beverage choices play a part in how my brain is wired. My parents knew this all along and were always trying to advise me of this need to be cognizant of this. However, it was difficult in the way that they presented the thought of needing to reduce my excessive soda consumption and the reaction, primarily because of consuming sometimes amounts that they were aware of was unknown would fuel emotional warfare deeper back at them to the times meltdown would occur because of my excessive soda consumption,

Regardless of how much soda I was consuming, oftentimes, unless my personal satisfaction would be met, I would constantly gripe about doing things that did not have a direct effect on me and as a result those in my accompaniment would pay dearly because of my negative overtones on how bad I would perceive things to be. This would continue in my personal life and I, who had many things to be thankful for, even as living with my parents a few years ago would point out how bad things were because of having to do things that involved two very neurodiverse people that had differently wired brains. Although that had mellowed after I had left under my parents roof even almost two years ago, I now understand my limits as they do mine to some extent and I do not gripe as much about having to do things that I do not see beneficial to me but are in a way beneficial to them and they seek my help because they need it and are thankful for it.

It can be the nondescript ways that I can do things for others that can seem so apparent. That is my way of caring and seeing the positive in a situation rather than continually pointing out its flaws and issues. It can be easy to just say what is on my mind or focus on what I want to care about or do at the present moment, but I am realizing that I need to treasure the moments that I have with people as it can not be guaranteed from one moment to the next. It always fears me that I could say something adverse to someone that wasn’t intended and that could be my last words to that person. I can see that when my mind is more clear and not thinking on what I want or being in excessive worry about doing something different or challenging to me. In reality, many know me as a good person with a good reputation, that I need to be that way in all regards of life, not just in the moments that I have total control of the situation at hand, Its about having a good spirited mind and not giving in to the moments where I don’t bluntly say that I don’t like something because it isn’t the way that I see it being at the present moment or fits my current need.

Sometimes, things are meant to be and sometimes, you just have to go with the flow of things in life to make them work for you. Having a negative mindset on the things that you must endure, whether you totally agree with them or not can actually make them worse than what you perceive them to be. They may not even have a direct effect on you, but you seem to want to stick yourself in it and think it’s this big thing when in reality you really have no place being in that situation and it is more beneficial to focus on your personal needs at the moment to better get through the motions of life.

In reality, all of the things I mentioned can make things easier to go through by having a positive mindset and not reacting negatively to things that may seem challenging or unwanted to us because we do not like them. We must often remember that many challenges and changes are often short and temporary in life and we must employ our coping skills and defense mechanisms in order to get through the things that we find unpleasant or excessively challenging in life.

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