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“Mental Health Days” are Important!

Today was a “Mental Health Day”.

After three weeks of a pre-pandemic routine, I knew earlier this week that a Mental Health day was needed.

My body knew I needed it too…

I slept 9 hours, something I haven’t done in a long time, even on weekends.

Time to focus on my needs, continuing to declutter space that has been cluttered.

Laundry that needed done, meditation and reading emails of inspirational value

Switching to my Dustin’s Dynasty  Facebook Page and reading inspiration.

Sitting outside, feeling the wind on a 70-degree day while jamming to my jams.

Pursuing my interests and doing the things that are intended for self-care.

My mom also sent me a graphic she found on Facebook to take a few minutes to write down the things ypi are thankful for.

While I was uploading a YouTube Video, I did just that and was shocked that I could fill up a list-size piece of notepad paper (it was tall) with the things that I am thankful for and I was still thinking.

It made me feel better that I have to realize that even if my mind wants to think my life is really bad, there is so much going for me and I need to have this list handy to remember that.

Take care of yourself, followers, as someone told me, Self-Care is important!

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