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Wellness Wednesday: Making Swaps

As I am continuing down my personal wellness journey, I am experiencing new and exciting changes to the lifestyle that can have an additional benefit to my overall health as a result of switching or swapping things out in the process of general consumption of nourishment that has been proven successful in the long run of having the outcome I desire as I progress in my journey.

Some things are just making the swaps that I know are healthier for me. Lessening my soda consumption has been an ongoing process in the past few weeks that has been slowly getting better. Attending a webinar last week, this was one of the first things that I learned that can help improve my mood and even prior to attending that webinar, I have learned that I am just such a better all-around person as a result of not inputting so much caffeine and other sugary product in my system that can cause heightened emotions and adverse reactions. I never thought I would enjoy water as much as I have and while it is not always of the plain variety, it is something that I have incorporated more into my food plan and not been as desperate to want or need to consume recently.

Other changes have been things like going with more healthier options to the foods that I normally have like having wheat buns and bagels instead of the traditional white ones. While this has to be an acquired taste to endure, in reality it has very little of an effect of eating while producing more benefits to my body and having a more desirable outcome. While it does cost a little bit more to make these simple swaps, I know that I am not spending excessive costs on additional take out and delivery along with the excessive amounts of soda that I once had at one time that was sometimes a part of those additional delivery expenses.

Making changes to the things we eat can seem scary to some, including autistic people like me. I’ll admit that I never thought that I would never be making changes and having only three wheat buns out of a pack of eight as of this writing but it is happening. It doesn’t mean that it has to be forced on someone or be the only thing. It was presented to me and I kind of just went with it because it seems that it is not only beneficial to do so but causes very little change other than just buying a different product at the grocery store. I know that the benefits of doing so will pay off later as a result of making these simple swaps that I know are the right thing to do.

It will come more naturally as time goes on what making these changes and more as time progresses will provide me. I also have to be patient when that outcome will appear in my body. While I am noticing the small changes of not drinking as much soda as I once did and the effects to my demeanor that it has provided me, I must understand that I must be more patient when it comes to that progress showing up on the scale. It can be easy to be frustrated because something doesn’t happen the way that I think that it should or that it is the weight I think it should be. It is also imperative that I look at the other things that are happening like fitting in the standard size things and not needing a larger size in things or being able to easily tie my shoes or put socks on with ease, things that are known as Non-Scale victories are what can sometimes be more worth their weight in gold than some number that appears on the scale, while that too can be exciting, it is more imperative to know that feeling better overall is the name of the game when it comes to making these changes and seeing results.
While I know that it is only the early ages of my weight loss endeavor, I must understand that more changes will have to be undertaken as time progresses. Not going all in is a key factor that hopefully will make that transition easier to be undertaken and not make it be so abrupt and easier to give up because I would be tempted to want to give into my old behaviors because it may seem more cool or better looking to do so. In reality,it may be just as interesting to continue to make the changes to produce better results and have a more desirable outcome.

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