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What Everyone Else Does

In recent weeks, I have been accepting the need for free time where I am not engaged in an object or item at hand. For most of my life, until I chose not to have Cable TV in my own home at 35, when it has been all I know, I am realizing that I can choose and limit the content I watch in order to keep me entertained and not so much engaged in something.

In the course of being entertained brings a course of realizing someday eventually, I want and hopefully can do some of the things that people who can be independent do. Yes, this involves the matter of transporting oneself on their own and one day I will hopefully break down my barrier to do so. But it doesn’t hurt to dream, right?

I as a human being should have the ability to do the same things as those that are able in an inclusive manner. In many cases, I can pass as a neurotypical, although some masking is required at times, but for the most part, I can function through life pretty well. I live independently, although I require the assistance of others when going places I cannot walk on my own and I do have a part-time job. Although, I go to a day program that has been limited to some capacity, and eventually when that last barrier is broken, I will begin the exit plan from there, in fact it is slightly mentioned from time to time.

Just because someone has autism or another similar challenge that prevents them from being independent in an environment that is solely theirs, does not mean that they need to remain there continually. As such, they should be included in their communities, have a peer or a group of friends with similar interests so they can do things that makes them feel like one of a kind and not as the “special” one.

As such, there needs to be education, acceptance and awareness on both the individual and those serving them, including those that work with the public. There is alot being done to educate necessary parties, but there needs to be further education in not just disabilities in a general role, but more specifically about all challenges and incorporating inclusion, when necessary in events of a non-individual nature in order to not pass judgment or become unaware of how to properly addressed all individuals of need, including those of challenges of an invisible nature.

I understand that this is a deep subject, but I personally feel that in order to thrive in a world that is not made for us, it is necessary to educate those that come in contact with the public because it is likely that they will come across someone that poses a challenge to them in the course of their working lifetime. They will learn, but they must be aware, accept, and be educated how to best serve that individual and make their experience the best one at the venue they are serving them at.

I have dreams someday to do the things that the vloggers do. Regardless of our ability to navigate to a destination on our own, we all deserve a right to a vacation as it is necessary for our minds sometimes to recharge and moreso if there is a special interest involved, yet, the barrier is put up around us for whatever reason that is, we simply cannot be judged because of our diagnosis. We have to learn on our own, give us some breathing room if you make sure we know what we are getting into and know the risks, and let us be ourselves.

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