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Wellness Wednesday: Sticking to It

In life, it is important to stick to certain things in order for them to work and make you well. I am beginning to learn why it is more than ever important to stick with your medication regimen. While it may not be for some, I know I have the perfect cocktail in order to maintain optimal wellness.

This is a battle I have been facing for the most part of the last four years. It has been a continual coaster of my life that I am ready to dock in the loading station and exit its platform for the rest of my life. At this point, I have been as consistent as I have been in the course of the past four years. Alot has happened with not only me, but the whole world as well and everyone, including autistics have been affected greatly because of the ways of the world, I am no exception to this and had a whole lot of other factors that led to the contribution of worsening symptoms.

This is not to continue the path of broken promises, but I am seeing the light of things show up in my daily life as a result of resuming a normal medication regimen. While increasingly getting somewhat steady by understanding the necessity of it to attend work and day program, otherwise I often disregarded its need and was quite stubborn about the need to medicate continually.

Yes, I sleep, but doesn’t everyone? I don’t sleep as bad as the early days and in fact, as time continues during the time I am regularly adhering to taking my medicine, the amount of excessive sleep is lessening along with recognizing the need to recharge as a result of autistic burnout as necessary, the medication is just (at least in my life) a part of the makeup of what I must endure to stay well.

I now had the experience and while I have known for some time that others have seen the before me, I am beginning to see what that person was and am longing to get back on track and move on with my life from where I left off when symptoms were all over the place. I am a person that is respected for all my work before the issues arose and while I had the rollercoaster ride of emotions, I understand that I have to move on and continue to grow while my parents (and others) can aid me into transitioning into the final steps necessary to gain absolute independence, so they are at ease that I can survive in this world.

I am no longer angry for what I must endure and have accepted what I have to do in order to cope with my autism as a part of life’s necessities. I am thankful that I have the tools available and that they are afforded to me so I do not have to go without nor endure the expense of doing so. Instead, I need to take advantage of the services provided to me and be honest when questions are asked to me instead of masking my way through it to not stir up any concerns, when in fact there have been issues all along that I created, yet I never was truly honest about them. 

But now, I am ready to move on and put this chapter of transition and rumspringa behind me and get to work on dealing with the current issues that prevent me from gaining true independence so I can manage my life and maintain optimum wellness.

Please remember that there is no shame in needing to take medication or seeking the assistance of professionals. I would be far from where I am today if it wasn’t for the help of some great and inventive professionals that wanted or still want nothing for the best for me.

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