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Reflections: Things Take Time

Following up with yesterday’s blog where I learned that we must be in a dynamic at times that we may not want to be in. We must also understand that we cannot be in a rush to get where we want to go either. Whatever place we are in our lives, we must take advantage of what it has to offer and while at times it may seem challenging or we may want to regress to something unhealthy, we must persevere in the present moment while using the tools in our toolbox. 

While it may seem that we have to take our time to get somewhere, in reality it does go fast when we are living in the present moment and have a good mindset. When we experience challenges we must understand that they are often temporary and if they are not then work towards finding a more workable solution to manage it.

It must also be understood that as much as we want to be involved in or change everything, we simply cannot. It will only cause further undue stress and challenges that can be more harmful to our overall wellness and cause us further reason to not pursue the journey that we want to go down. We mustn’t rush into doing things that we are not mentally prepared for just to get out of a situation that we want to run away from.

Yes, days can be challenging. I experience that particularly after the long and challenging ones every week. There’ve been many instances that I wanted to regress and give things away that I know are essential to maintaining my wellness. Part of it that helps is knowing that I am needed too in those environments, despite what internal negative self-talk is generated in my headspace during any given moment. I must continue to realize despite the challenges that I face, in reality they are manageable and can be managed on my own using the tools I have learned over the years.

I must also recognize that I cannot stay where I am forever and while I may be in a hurry to get to the next chapter in my life, I mustn’t rush to get where I want to go. I must gradually ease myself into what makes me feel comfortable and not be in a hurry just because it may be challenging for me or I cannot see the positive in a situation. 

Likewise, I cannot live in fear of trying new things that seem challenging and fearful to me, If it is known to be possible and I regress because I am fearful of making the known change, I mustn’t give up because of my fear. I am born with a great deal of anxiety and must realize that many times that my body overreacts because I am scared of doing something. I have taken a three year journey to rediscover that I did this because I was living in total fear of moving on, however, I have to realize that I have to ease into feeling comfortable doing what I need to do as part of moving on.

It can be hard to fight anxiety at times to the point that I don’t want to do something because I fear that I am going to be bad at it. However, like many things that I have done in my life, once I do them, I excel at them. However, with things that come with bigger skills and responsibility, they do indeed take time to get comfortable. I must also realize that I cannot immediately jump to the big picture because it is where I want to be in the present moment, rather I need to take advantage of the realistic opportunities that are provided in the present moment that are beneficial and understand that things will come within time as I become comfortable with them.

There is too much in life to pass by without being fortunate for where I have become and where I am right now. I must understand that although life is challenging that many people of all backgrounds experience similar feelings and many times while the thoughts are no different, my reaction is many times over reactive than others, therefore I must realize that I have to employ the skills that I have learned in order to manage my composure  through them and not react irrationally or continue to ruminate on them causing negative situations or relapse. 

We must remember that things take time to happen. It may be sooner or later than we expect or we may be right on track, but we must not rush things to happen because of snap judgements

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