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Giving Myself Some Grace

I am often told by those that support me in my journey to “give myself some grace.” For the longest time I continually bush it off mostly because I often think that I am no different when going through my journey.

While there have been a great deal of moments in my journey where I am presented as an achiever in the improvements in my journey. Sometimes those struggles are not always the proudest moments to have in my history. There are many times I have hid under the radar of struggling mentally and just living to get by through the moment until I can relax.

Doing things in my life can be challenging for me. Many times I want to blame others for their “making” me do things that in the mindset at that certain moment I don’t want to do. But, in reality, I think what would I do without those things in my life. It can be hard when you do something that is one of the few things you have known since graduating high school, but it has been proving that I am worthy of a life beyond what it has to ofer.

Personally, I think I have curtailed this journey by self-sabotaging myself because I am afraid of seeing beyond the limits of what little I have been exposed to for almost two decades. When seeing the potential that I was about to have just over three years ago took me back a bit and the relapsing began. After relapsing three years ago and slowly building myself back to where I am after a long journey of getting back on my feet again and discovering more of what is necessary, I am starting to think that there is life beyond what I have known for so long.

I discussed earlier this week about being held back by my fears. Now realizing that the fears are only amplified by my overreacting to them because my body is telling me to do so. I am beginning to realize that things aren’t as bad as they are in life and now that I have accepted more things for what they are in life, I can indeed work on bettering myself more and moving on to the next chapter of my life.

While doing this, I must realize that everything in my path is not going to go in my favor and that it may not be as easy as it seems to be. I must realize that I have to give myself grace for what I have been through in life and must understand that things will happen for me if I want them to, but I must give myself grace when pursuing them and not get angry when I struggle by keeping my composure well and my hopes up. 

When pursuing my journey towards the next chapter, I mustn’t give up easily or return back to the paths that are detrimental because I may overreact to something and become overly anxious. I must remember to take my time, breathe and use good judgment and of course give myself grace while realizing that if I take my time slowly, my dream of more independence will come true. 

I must say for all things considered going on in my life right now, I am very content and calm given the circumstances. I must continue to accept the things in life for what they are while maintain my wellness and independence while giving grace when things are challenging.

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