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Wellness Wednesday: Goal-Bound

Getting healthy and losing weight can be a struggle. Getting started is the hardest thing about taking initiative to make a change to do something about it. It isn’t the easiest or most wanted thing to do, but knowing that it will improve yourself and provide a sense of accomplishment is worth everything in the end.

Taking initiative is hard. I won’t lie. It can be just as easy to just numb the reasons or issues of why you turn to the vices you do to numb the pain that you are experiencing. But, besides affecting your body, what does it do to you emotionally? When you are finished resulting to the vice that you use to ease your pain, does your pain go away or do you still feel bad because now you have something that is gone or an empty container that shows what you did and what you were doing to feel good is now replaced with a sense of shame that you did it and you know that you may not feel good or eventually it will result in a physical effect such as gaining weight?

Doing things to improve your health is never easy. They aren’t the most enjoyable, but you have to make them as such. One of the things I enjoy is walking and in the community I live, I am truly blessed to have easy access to a hike/bike or rail trail in a section that is known as the best maintained section in the 150-mile trail. I am even a dues paying member of the entity that cares for it as a measure of paying it forward for using it. It’s a small price to pay for having this valuable resource. 

Regardless, although I know hitting the trail is a good thing and I am blessed to have my mother who openly admits to me that she needs it too, when approached with a good day to take initiative to hit the trail and do something I know that once I am doing it that I will enjoy and when completing the walk for the day, I will have a sense of accomplishment that I took the initiative to go for a walk.

Imperative to losing weight, having a goal in mind is good practice to keep the drive to want to attain a rewardable sense of accomplishment that you can be proud of. If you have been following my blog since last summer, you will know that I participated in two 5K races. The first one, while a challenge due to the typical weather when it was held. However, because of COVID restrictions being lifted, the race has been moved to its traditional Saturday morning before Easter date

Knowing this since the last race in June in combination with having some winter weather has impeded the ability to train and practice and get on the trail. However, we have had a good mix of days where weather has provided favorable conditions for getting out on the trail. Additionally, last December the section of trail where we train and the race is held has been widened and resurfaced to improve conditions (for free to the maintainers I might add)  Therefore it has made the walk better.

What has also helped has affirming this goal by keeping track of it with a countdown app on my phone with a photo from the trail that I took so when I look at my phone, I always have it ion my mind. Beside it is a the step tracker from my FitBit app, of which using the exercise tool on the device helps me track my training, share it on social media and journal it, all things that I enjoy doing. 

All of these things are good factors that prove well that in just over six weeks I will be able to compete in the race again this year, fingers crossed. I know it is a goal that I need to accomplish in order to continue down a journey of being healthy and the person I want to be. I should add that I am not in mind to be a good-looking person, I am doing it because I want to so I am around longer an can live an optimum, independent life and do more things that now presents challenges because of my present health condition.

The sky’s the limit!

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