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Product Review: Kizik Hands-Free Shoes

Kizik Hands-Free Shoes

For many autists, myself included, we often struggle with shoes. What may seem simple to neurotypicals for the neurodiverse can be a complicated process because of many motions and the need to process many manuvers that require the use of our motor skills, which we may have difficult with.

The principal issue for many autistics when it comes to shoe is the fact of shoe-tying and especially if one has difficulty keeping their feet in place while getting all the manuvers with tying their shoes in order, so many go to a slip on shoe.

I myself have had many slip on shoes, however for ease, I many times disregarded the need to adjust the heel of the shoes so they are worn properly, thus easily wearing out the shoe and damaging the shoe, thus needing a quicker replacement.

One day as my mother was browsing online she came across the advertisement for Kizilk hands-free shoes (in the beginning of this post.) We thought it would be a good thing for me as I often lacked the ability to focus on putting my shoes on, we thought it would be worth the investment if they worked as they said.

While they did take time to ship we did read the reviews and while they wern’t perfect, they did the job they are intended to do, and that is to not require the use of your hands when putting on or removing your shoes. I was skeptical to say the least. I never heard of this company, although shoe companies do evolve and I have bought shoes online before, but from more commercial stores that are local and you can try the shoe before you leave the store. However, I decided it was worth the investment and the wait.

So, a few weeks later and they are more worn in and I can say that whille a more costly shoe, they are defenitly worth the investment to make if you want to do away with the continual wear and tear of standard shoes or fighting that continual struggle with shoes.

As said in the reviews, there is sometimes when you have to move your feet around the shoe to get the back tounge in place. Additionally, while not all shoes come with laces, many do have laces and are adjustable which may need to be adjusted accordingly throughout use. They are perfect for use in situations when you may need to remove the shoes for a short period of time. The sizes are also fairly accurate as well.

I would rate these a 4.5/5, they are a very well product although I wish there was some permannacy to the shoelaces. Other than that, they are good shoes. It should be also noted that they only carry adult shoes at the moment.

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