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Vlogs of the Week

#156: The Benefits of Social Media For Autistics

YouTube Video #156 – The Benefits of Social Media for Autistics

Discussing the benefits of Social Media for Autistic Individuals and how it can provide them with a connection to the outisde world.

#157 Forging Friendships: 9 Types Of Attraction

YouTube Video #157, #11 of my Forging Friendships Series – 9 Types of Attraction

Welcome to #11 in my Forging Relationships Vlog Series. While I am certainly no expert, being in my mid-thirties, I do have some insight to share about relationships with my community. The intention is to share my insight and knowledge on topics of relationships, whether for dating or as a friend that are common issues that autistics face today. In this video, I will be sharing the ways some is attracted to someone and how it can strayed or skewed for autistic individuals

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