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Book Review: Uncommon Sense: An Autistic Journey by Adam Mardero

NOTE: Some details of the book are Spoiled in the Review!

I recently came across this book via a news release on my Google Alerts that I receive daily. From my experience, I can relate to this in many ways, yet learn from this individual’s experience in many others. He, like I and many other autistics experinced a great amount of bullying in our childhoods until High School along with family struggles. Also mentioned is the sensory hell the author experiences, specifically the gag reflex with certain foods that I can so relate to. He, like I , struggled to acccept the fact that he had to accept his diagnosis for what it is and that it made him who he is. The author takes his interests and places them within the context of the book and shares how they intertwine with the complexitities that he as an autistic man faced. While he was blessed with friends, he also shares the struggles that being autistic can cause with them and how they are hard to attain and keep, with an additional part on how dating relationships can be challenging for Autistics. He also shares the struggles of having comorbidities and how doing new and different things can be challenging, but all in all it is a very good read for someone who wants to have a different perspctive of being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in its earlier days and the double edged sword it brings of that early information and how it progresses over time that you can reach for the stars and excel when all the odds are against you, this is the book for you.


I wouild give this a 4.6/5 for it being overly creative as I personally am not into that but some may be, I do appreciate the detail, although many may not.

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