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Adulting: Individuality

As we know, autism is a spectrum disorder. We as autistics are unique in our very own ways, each and every one of us. No one can change that, nor should we be forced to do so. We as autistics, just as neurotypical human beings should have the freedom have the individuality that we so choose as long as our safety and well-being is kept in mind.

As mentioned in the opening statement, Autism is a spectrum disorder, therefore some autistics are speaking and some are not speaking. This doesn’t make them any different They may communicate their expressions, feelings and statements in ways that aren’t the norm, and we shouldn’t regard them for the choices that is made. Contrary to societal norms, autistics absorb information as they can get it. So, if they want to know something, be honest and as those who care or advise individuals should educate them in a way that is understood by them. If you don’t know the answers, that is perfectly fine, you can both learn or find the way for them to learn a process or how something they want to works. YouTube can be a great resource in this method, as can be online searches among other avenues.

There has been much talk throughout my childhood, adolescence and early adulthood that I had a developmental delay. I admit that I wasn’t key on social construct growing up and understanding the teenage playbook. However, my parents did the best they could for what they knew at the time and I can’t be mad at them for not knowing, the world was a different place back then, However, when we know what we want in our lives as autistics should not be denied because there is a perception that “we don’t know what we are talking about, “or “we don’t know what that means.”

While I can affirm that not all autistics aren’t savants (including myself) we do know in our heart what we want and what makes us as human beings what we like and want, just as neurotypicals.) Once we have the tools at our disposal to make knowledge happen, oftentimes we want to jump in and infodump so we know all there is to know about an interest or what makes us feel good. As parents, friends, supporters, etc. sometimes it goes against what we believe the individual thinks they really know, or it may be against societal norms that are targets of tactics like bullying, hate speech, or other negative impact that could fear retaliation.

I, like many autistic people just want to be happy in life and oftentimes face struggles in life, sometimes daily to manage our wellness We as autistics may be into the same things that neurotypicals are, however due to factors beyond our control such as any to do with the senses, methods of doing the things we enjoy may have to be procured in a way that is friendly to our well-being. Ultimately, protection for the autistic’s safety is paramount in ensuring that their interest of activity can be enjoyed with ease.

 Life is a challenge, and when you break down the time, we actually have to spend enjoying the things we do, it contains a small fraction of life’s clock. In life, we cannot continue to hold ourselves captive for fear of judgement or retaliation because of what we like or want in life. We have to be happy in life because if we aren’t, were just going to mope around and be sad about the things in life we could have done. I for one, have had several regrets of not doing things in life much earlier than I did. While most of those years were great and I can’t rehash or beat myself up over them for their loss. I can only move forward from where I am today. There is no turning back from living in fear of being criticized for what I want in life, as well as my wellbeing and safety are in place where they need to be, then there is no reason with living my best life in the way that want to regardless of what others think. However, I want to close this post that knowledge is power, and education is key to the success of anyone.

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