Book Review: Asperger Syndrome & Alcohol

For myself, after year finally accepting that I have a really bad Caffine Addiction, made me realize that I needed to speak about how Addictions and Autism oftentimes are coralated. I felt it necesary to do one of this week’s vlogs on the matter.

Autism and Addiction Vlog

In the vlog I referenced an article where it mentions this book. This book avaiable on Amazon was published before the article was written and gives a very descript talk of one person along with others with Aspergers (written before the switch to the DSM 5) relate with alcohol and their mental health diagnosis.

The book tells the autobiography of the author along with expaning cues of Asperger’s Syndrome and later Alcoholism. It also states a fact that I found interesting. It can be an all or nothing attitude and become an addiction, also listing many of the behaviors that I experience when I need that caffine fix. Being in the UK it can be difficult to access services as they have universal healthcare there, As such, the author was in strong denial until he almost lost his liver, then being dextoxed and being on a wait for rehab, followed by a stay in a step down.

After being treated for his substance use, he tried to get back on his feet, but realized that things that he did under these inflences have become too much for him without the use of alcohol to aid his social construct. He had to accept that he would live part time and a house with supports to maintain both mental health and substance use recovery and that having the two and being an advocate for both facets was cognizant in realizing that he needed to maintian his recoveries and never go down that road again.

I was really pleased with this book because while it shares an addiction to alcohol, it can litterally be indicatiors for the uses of other substances like caffine, drugs, illiit medicine, gambling, etc. Sometimes when we become free from one addiction, we replace it with another and this shows that you can be rid of something and life is OK. Also, it points out that we may not go back to the life we once had and realize that we need to be content to the life we need to have in order to be well. That is where I am with my caffine addiction and only six days into it I realize that it is difficult to go without and be limited but in the end i will become a more healthier person , just as this individual has.

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