COVID-19 Series

Concentrating on COVID: Adhering Advisories

This post is a follow up to last week’s post to where a Stay-At Home Advisory is issued by my State Government. For the majority of the week, I have not left the confines of my home, it can be tough at times, but I know it must be done to protect my safety and from contracting COVID. Now there are instances where this cannot be helped, like going to the store or to run a errand, and for that you must go out.

For many years I have been socially isolated from others, the last year I had some freedom, what I would call a little too much freedom because I was not medicating properly. I am in a new environment and could go out if I wanted to, however I know that it is probably in my best interest that I do not go unless it is essential. The proof in this is the climbing number of cases across the nation since the Thanksgiving holiday and of those not taking the proper precautions and following protective measures.

As such last week, the state’s masking order was enhanced to anywhere indoors that is not your own home and anywhere outside where you cannot distance yourself from another person. I certainly agree with that, however again you have several out there that just refuse to adhere to this and as a result the chain continues to grow of cases, Now some say figures are fluctuated, but we have to remember that the basics of the virus and the proper protective measures.

Back on the Homefront, I have been limiting my trips outside my home and keeping occupied. The streaming service Hulu had a $1.99 a month for 12 months sale Friday and I took advantage of it so I could continue to be occupied should I need it. I also read magazines and mail that comes in to the house on a regular basis as needed and I have a plethora of work I could be doing of my interests.

Thanksgiving was different this year. I had limited interaction with others with one dinner dropped off in the morning by a local ministry group and the evening meal dropped off by a support, both were divine and much appreciated and show how people care for the less fortunate during this difficult time. I did into the day program last week, however this week that changes because of enhanced COVID mitigation protocols strongly encouraging those with access to telehealth services do so. I agree with this because I have become increasingly anxious about my safety as far as protection from COVID. Sometimes, a higher power answers the call at the right time.

 At least I can still go to work and I am thankful for that. I will be utilizing the day programs vehicles to get there but my exposure in the building will be limited (my choice.) I feel like I can control my work environment as far as it goes because I have my own space and guidelines are followed. The crux of the biscuit is that I just have to be careful where I go and what I do.

I missed shopping in person last week, I personally felt that it was not worth the risk and a lot of retailers were not having in person deals anyway. Gifts this year will be simpler than years past just from being through such a traumatic year and just trying to cope with daily life. I am just not up to spending a great deal of money on gifts that don’t have a lot of thought to them

Anyway, the next few months is going to be a challenge by far, but I think I am in a much better environment than I was in the last two for my safety and wellbeing. I know how to better manage my free time and to reach out for support when I need it. I have found additional supports as well this year and they too have been helpful.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Home!

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