COVID-19: Resurgence

As of this writing, the cases are resurging in our county. 12 new ones yesterday, 11 today. It looks bleak. Telehealth is being extended, the bleakness goes on and on. I do worry about a return to where we were almost four months ago, but I also have to realize that I have no control over what happens nor those actions of others. Slowly things are beginning to revert their ways, school proms are being cancelled or modified, store entrances are being closely monitored for mandated masking, it continues to be enhanced.

Last week, the state government made masks mandatory for all in public spaces. Yes, I know this is a heated debate and we can go on and on about it, which makes the autistic community very divided. I also know that some autistic have the total inability to withstand the feel of a mask. While we have to be understanding to that need, one must know that establishments do have the right to provide an alternative method of delivery of service to persons who do not mask. Yes, it may seem rough and draconian, but we must protect all. Also our medical community will not serve individuals that do not mask, and services may not be more difficult to receive as a result.

Simply put, COVID-19 is a new thing and everyone, including our governmental leaders are uncertain of how to manage the situation effectively. They are heeding the advices of those they appointed with the task of disease control and prevention. I know it has been a long time fighting to where we got. We have done so much in almost four months to get to the point of near normality. I know it is a on the resentfulness of the governmental leaders to downgrade the phase system mainly for fear of protest. I know personally, I will regret it ti some extent because It would likely result in me remaining at home more, which sadly after being here almost after three months, I would not be as happy as I have been.

Nonetheless, I do realize that indeed because of the disregard of others among other reasons that at one point that we will possibly revert to the ways of months ago. We knew this from the start of a resurgence. We also know that testing is more readily available and what we possibly need to do in order to protect ourselves to mitigate the spread and possible infection. I am pretty sure like many in the autism community would find no pleasure in having a swab inserted in my nasal cavity to be tested then spend several days in quarantine in anxiety awaiting two negative test swabs. I know some who have, and it decomposes their mental health, although they are proud to daunt the mask because they know it is the right thing to do in order to keep themselves and those around them safe and healthy.

Local news sources are stating from known sources in our state government that some things will be reverted in some counties for example no indoor dining or large gatherings in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. If this happens, we should heed this warning in order to prevent a spread of this scary demon to keep the momentum rolling. We can only hope that this slows down the spread of the virus so that we can continue to live our lives in what is now the new normal.

Wear your mask (if you can), follow social distancing, and do your part to stop the spread!

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