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Overcoming the Fear of Fireworks

When I was a young boy, I had a big fear of fireworks,. One year the fire company would set off in our field because they had no where to set them off. Because of the loud noises that were produced, this caused a great deal of anxiety in the summer, especially when near firework displays that I would make life miserable for my family.

Learning the diagnosis of Autism at 14, I would learn of my hyper hearing and the inability to tolerate loud noises, fireworks being one of them. I would not go to places where the public would gather, but as I became a young man, I liked filming them and the display they would provide.

Last year, my mom asked me if I would want to go to town and watch them be set off in the city plaza lawn, which I did. While I did have to have my headphones for the duration of the ceremony, I did not have any issues as a result. In fact, I had one awesome video! The next week, one of the local churches in Connellsville had their fireworks, and I went and filmed those close too. And had a blast!

Just goes to show you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it if you want to. You may have to improvise, but if you explain clearly why and what you need for it to be a success, then it will likely happen. Now, in no way this is “babying”. As persons in our community, we all have a right to be heard and fight for whatever we need and want, as long as it can me done properly and safely. We must also be understanding of others needs too, as we may not know the entire situation of the why and how. Sometimes we cannot know because the person doesn’t or cannot tell us, but if it isn’t making you feel uncomfortable, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Remember that we are indeed in a new world, things are constantly changing and there will be changes that will have to occur and sometimes suddenly. We must be able to accept that and be sensitive and understanding to others in our communities during this difficult time.

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