COVID-19 Series

COVID-19: Anxiety of Return

This week on the COVID front has at best been bleak. Our main county where a the regional city eliminated the consumption of alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars, however, the bars may remain open to only provide food and non-alcoholic beverages. You can still get alcohol, but it must be to go. This was done in order to reduce the risk in COVID cases as the big city is getting hotspots in this area of new ones. Another factor that contributes to this is the out-of-state travel to the Carolina Coast, Texas and Florida. If residents do, they must self-quarrantine for the required period.

Locally, numbers are increasing daily. Some say that this is due to all residents and staff of long-term care facilities to be tested, thus resulting in the positive cases. However, I feel that this is not simply the common denominator in the cases increasing. Part of it is masking and not properly distancing themselves for others. We see this by now having increases throughout the nation of the those under 50. It is also not by having common sense in other things such as having good hygiene like washing your hands, for example.

Now I know, I have debated the mask thing for some time for now. I know many autistics have sensory issues with masks. In fact, in some instances, I do. However, I do have an almost 73 year old father and a 64 year old mother that I rely on to help me get around and that I stay with. That, my followers, is why I “grin and bear it” and put on the mask whenever I leave my home. For as our state health secretary states “My Mask protects you, Your Mask protects me.” I oftentimes think that because I know that others wear mask because they want protected. I respect them because they oftemtimes feel the same way I do about it and went to be safe.

Things are starting up this week, like church for example, however with a laundry list of requirements like contract tracing, temporal scans, assigned seats (oh my!) among others. Still, they are providing streaming on Facebook and other platforms such as their websites, etc. The newspaper is being published on a near regular schedule, and the weekly papers are being published too after a hiatus of several months. We are slowly getting there, and yes there have been advancements of protection, care, so forth. But, there’s no cure, no vaccine, no miracle pill, nothing. Others have their own thoughts about it and we have to give them the right to believe that. However, we do have medical experts in the field who know what is going on to the best extent possible.

Yes, I have anxiety about the future as do many others on the spectrum. We are living in a time of constantly changing circumstances, new, often changing rituals, and so much more. To only have to revert back to the Genesis of the pandemic would only delay the quality of life that autistic individuals have a the moment, and it could regress quite quickly into a downward spiral and several skills have been lost. However, there have been autistics who have been better because of the pandemic, so we must weigh both sides of the coin in this instance.

For me, having this pandemic on top of other things, has made me slow down in life and realize the need to take care of me as well as think about others more and what their needs may be during this. Telehealth has been a Godsend, and you can’t tell me any different, for others It doesn’t work so well and its marginalized. It will be With another school year starting up in the fall, it will be interesting to see how accommodations for the autistic community will be provided during this ever-changing time.

Have a good week, followers, for we should be thankful for every day!

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