Sometimes Words Just Come Out without Filter

Recently, I have discovered my need to be more ambulatory, mostly because the COVID-19 has made me homebound working both endeavors on the computer, as it has for many. Nonetheless, last week this became evident as my mother and I made a trip to the Supercenter and I was in so much pain from walking too much and not moving regularly that I had to get the keys off of my mom and check out my items through the self-checkouts and go to the car. Only one problem, my debit card wasn’t working regularly.

As I checked out my usual purchases I went and inserted my credit card into the chip reader to only get a declination, which was simply not possible. I have had car read errors, but this, with the striking pain from my back was irritating me that it caught the attention of another customer and the attendant that I needed to slide the card, which it worked! I as many aspies over-apologized for being a pest. they said everyone goes through days like that and I was on my way,

The very next day, I got out my Alexa and set a daily reminder to go out for a walk every day at 7 and take my medicine at 9, both so good so far. Nonetheless, fast forward to today. Yet we go to the super center again, and we walk an excessive distance to where we are looking at totes for storage and its irritating me a bit. Anyway I get a little huffy of the tote taking space and whether we should but it, but alas we find another one that seems to work better.

Only a few seconds later we come across a person riding an automated cart and goofing off with their partner and it makes me mutter out that its not right when I have to struggle to walk without complaining (this was a promise I made to mother before going,) while “they” get to have fun on a effing cart! My mom simply reminded me of this phrase:

If a person does or has something that isn’t for them, nothing good will ever come out of it.

For the day before this happened when we went to get lunch for my birthday at the local fast food joint. For it was the lunch hour and the drive thru line was wrapped around the building. Meanwhile when we wrapped around to the start of the drive thru a line a manly gentleman in a pickup truck cut ahead of us in line from the street and jumped ahead of us when my mother said the saying above. She said it again today at the store and things got civil the rest of the trip.

But most of all, one must remember to be flexible and understanding, yet not judge. For one day we might be in those shoes. I had the conversation of being 35 and that I don’t have much time left. I always think autistics don’t have much of a life beyond 60 but she said If I would take care of my health I probably would have 35 good years left, if not more, but I’ve got to take care of myself If I want that to happen.

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