A Journal Entry

A Journal Entry: “35”

Last Night, I decided to spotlight a writing from my Journal and expand on it as it was my 35th Birthday yesterday

Thirty-Five Years and Two Hours ago I was born…oh the places I’ve been and the things I have done in those years. It just amazes me how far I’ve come in the past 20 years alone. This week in the Clubhouse newsletter we were asked about treating others with respect. I have not been up front/honest with my parents for 16 month I have been flirting around with my medicine. A date with disaster. While doing this, all the times I took them I thought my parents were the reason. This is simply not the truth. It makes me a much better person. Being solidly medicated for 6 days now I can feel a little peace about it and see that is where respect comes into play because I did not respect them when I was in a mood. Simply, I was this mean and angry brat who did not give a car. I want to make the next 35 years more responsible and yes, healthier too.

I wasn’t feeling the best yesterday, I was having stomach issues, not sure what from. However I wanted to have the day to relax and do as little as possible because I haven’t had any time to myself in a few months. Nonetheless, I blurted out to my mother that this was the worst effing birthday ever. This is simply not the case as it is now the next day, and I feel way better today and I am ready to have what ever comes my way! No, I didn’t have any birthday cake, I had some the day before and was happy with that. I had a hamburger and a Coke Zero, yes I was happy with that! That my friends, is taking a birthday for yourself and enjoying it in the best darn way possible.

Sometimes as I am realizing, I need to take care of myself sometimes in order to be well. Here’s to the next 35 years.

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