Union Station Weekly

Union Station Weekly: Volume 1: Issue 8: May 29, 2020

As part of my virtual clubhouse attendance we compose a weekly newsletter that is published each Friday, I have decided to include those writings in my Blog

Full Newsletters http://coronavirus.unionstationclubhouse.com/weekly/index.html

This week, as part of a series for Mental Health Awareness Month, we shared how to minimize stress

S tress , is the ever coming never ending story of my life. Lately, I have been
dealt a hand of life experiences that have caused a monumental amount of stress. I continually struggle with this regularly and it isn’t easy. One thing I do to help is grounding exercises to calm down the stress and refocus my energy into something positive. Additionally, utilizing your tools and supports that you have available in your “toolbox” is key to maintaining your recovery to the fullest extent possible.

Additionally, I felt the need to revise my daily schedule to reflect the upcoming situation that comes forth my way. I have realized the need to also update my WRAP, which is available through Systems of Care through the FCBHA website.
Also, music is a valuable outlet for me as it places my feeling that I may be bearing at the moment and transferring them into a positive energy . I utilize this while working or relaxing and pretending that I am going down a road on a trip. (I have shared several of them on YouTube during our virtual clubhouse for you to enjoy.) It helps me unwind and become my true self.

Lastly, seeking professional help is key by attending your therapy, MPR, etc. sessions and following your medication regimen. I also want to point out that during the COVID-19 Pandemic that a statewide warm line is in operation should you need a listening ear. That number is 1-855-284-2494 where trained persons can assist you .

Beginning Again

I have to admit that beginning again is going to be extremely difficult for me.
One, I am going to be in a new environment which is difficult. Then with all the social distancing regulations it will be an adjustment for me to adhere in a location where we were like family when we left such as Clubhouse and work. It is definitely the “new normal” and it will take some time to get used to all these new rules and changes in an ever changing environment. But in the end I realize that all these changes are necessary to protect us from falling ill

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