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Response to FB Group Question regarding the possibility of having Neurotypical (NT) Friends

Recently I commented about this on a Facebook group and thought it was worth sharing with my community

Post originated from the Facebook Group “Just Aspies, Please”

I have to say Yes and no as I have friends on both sides of the coin here.

For my autistic friends I cherish greatly because they “get it” along with other things like additional factors such as identifying as LGBTQ or having additional mental health diagnoses, developmental or physical disabilities (I have networked with individuals under several of these characteristics) It is in a way a godsend because I can relate, however if an autistic has interests that do not entertain me I easily get frustrated and want to lose focus when they get deep in their interests. I know I have my own, I guess I have gained the skills to know the proper times to show my interests off.

As for NT friends I have them too and get along better than autistics, however education is key so they know about me and I don’t mean my life story but to know when I’m near my breaking point of burnout or becoming overstimulated along of my many quirks and why and how I do them.

Although I have some close friends that are not diagnosed, after I explain in layman’s terms all about Autism so they get to know me some have felt that they’ve been misdiagnosed or think about it in a way that they may have autism, which I feel weird saying that it pays off.

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