Autism Acceptance Month – Day #10 : The next step has gotten better

The Labrynith Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania comprehensive and holistic approach to support IUP students with Autism Spectrum Diagnosis as they build relationships, gain independence, experience academic success, and graduate from IUP with the professional and personal skills needed to embark on a fulfilling life and career.

Labyrinth is designed to be a multidimensional program based upon best practices in college programs for students with Autism Spectrum Diagnosis and is committed to providing consistent and comprehensive services led by experienced faculty and staff.

The IUP Labyrinth model consists of four components that provide enhanced supports to IUP students. The components include a one-credit course taken each semester, academic and life coaching, supervised study sessions, and peer and faculty mentoring.



The curriculum is comprised of a required one-credit course taken each of the eight semesters that the Labyrinth student is enrolled at IUP. Course content will be dedicated to the skill sets necessary for building relationships, increasing independence, academic success, and professional and personal growth.


Each Labyrinth student will meet weekly with an academic and life coach. Coaching sessions will address current academic standing, course requirements, time management, residential concerns, communication issues, procedural questions, and any other related academic or social concerns.


Each Labyrinth student will attend four hours of supervised study in the Labyrinth Center per week. These sessions will be supervised by coaches and staff in order to provide support related to good study habits and productive use of designated study time, with focus on current and upcoming assignments, examinations, and projects.


All Labyrinth students will initially be assigned a trained peer mentor to facilitate social understanding on the college campus. The two students will meet for a minimum of one hour weekly. Peer mentors will be closely supervised throughout the year by Labyrinth faculty and staff. When students reach their junior year, a faculty mentor will be identified to support their career-specific needs.

Following acceptance to IUP, students apply to the Labyrinth program. Students are encouraged to begin the admissions process as early as possible.

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