Autism Acceptance Month – Day #9 – The Community College and Autism

While I high School slightly consider attending community college, it would not be until I became privileged to bump into another individual on the spectrum that was in attendance at the school that would become my Alma mater.

It would be 2011, I would be not quite 26, but I would be privileged to hear at a Leader in Recovery award winner, of which I would be five years later receive the the designation for our attendance. He nor anyone was able to accept the award on his behalf but was tempted by hearing his story. While he was on the spectrum like myself, his upbringing wasn’t the most pleasant as he had to attend a special school, but he overcame the challenges and go to College.

The following fall, I was attending the comparison award ceremony for families at the college. I learned he was taking web Technology and that he was very successful. While his grandparents were bestowing the honor, he was in attendance because he was attending classes that day. I went home and creeped his Facebook and seen he had many similarities that I did. So i did my research and did find that Web Technology was very a very popular talent for individuals on the spectrum. In fact in high School, I did take a web design course and loved it annd also had an obesession for the website template features of Microsoft Word.

My decision was final one day when my therapist had the website for the school on her computer screen for the client prior. I told her I was Interested in going back and she was a big cheerleader in doing so. Furthermore, there was an local branch that I could attend for what couldn’t be completed online. So I began the process of filing for financial aid, application, placement tests, etc.

They’re are advantages to attending community college. The classes are generally smaller, even so at the branch campus where I had was only one of three students. The tuition is affordable, in fact my college was the lowest in the state. Financial aid was abound. I even got a scholarship and additional aid for books.

While I went part time, I did finish in three years and had to have proctored testing for math classes. I do regret not taking advantage of Disabilities services and accommodations, that could enhance my grade. Nonetheless I was successful, I did get to become a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and did receive a medallion for being the top of my class.

This summer, I will have been out of college four years and I have contemplated on whether or not to go further. However I am placing that on the back burner for now as I am planning to take time for me this year. Tomorrow, I will discuss the autism related programs of larger Universities.

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