Autism Acceptance Month Day #11 – Successful Vocational Technical Programs are Key

While I haven’t had a chance to attend a vocational technical school. One thing that I can guarantee at any individual that has an IEP meeting at the beginning of the transition period (eighth grade in Pennsylvania), the idea is usually mulled around about attending Vocational Technical Schools, or Vo-Tech. While sometimes in ninth grade, an exploratory venture is undertaken. However there is a great deal of variation of delivery, somewhat based in their location related to their home school. Some offer total part time attendance, while some offer part time in the beginning leading to receiving all subjects in basic education taught on site. Some may offer one or two being taught on site while keeping the half day concept. Lastly one unfamiliar concept of study is to spend half the school year at the Vo-Tech and the remainder at the home school.

Furthermore, delivery of Special Education programs vary from school to school with being from serving the more fragile individuals, to having detailed Support to having little or no Support at all. Due to Federal funding, specifically those earmarked as the Perkins fund provides the necessary services to individuals with Disabilities to make them successful.

However, within the confines of these shop areas and theory rooms, I do have to admit a plethora of bullying does commence mainly because these areas in many cases have mostly male students, so the usual banter takes place and with the floor plan and sometimes restroom situation being more teatious, this can compound the issues of bullying to some degree.

However, if a successful niche is attained in a Vo-Tech setting, than it can be a good thing. There are job co-op opportunities oftentimes and advancement tests and career specific certifications can be obtained, let alone the awards and other notarities. Nonetheless, it does have a stigma that’s associated with it among the general student body which can be challenging. However, I have heard in many instances of individuals who are on the spectrum having some degree of success in Vo-Tech school.

In closing, while It was not determined to be a successful venture for myself, if your child has the option, do consider it by weighing out the pros and cons of attending, as it may take your son and daughter places that you never dreamed of.

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