View of the West Yough River Bridge April 2022
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Reflections: We Change and Grow

As human beings we are often creatures of habit. We cannot often see beyond what we know. Change is often reluctant, being autistic further hinders it. But what if there is a chance to grow and change for the better. We have to sometimes have to lessen our dependence on the things that hold us together because we know it works, there’s a time we have to look beyond what works.

Knowing most of the same things in my adult life, seeing a life beyond the routine that I have known for the most of 18 years can be scary. One of the most well-known traits of autistics is that we can be very regimented, thrive off of routines and many times resist change. But COVID has taught us a lot about change. At a moment’s notice, the routine that we have planned can immediately be changed without notice, sometimes wreaking havoc among autistics particularly. The fault, while we know it is not ours, can cause us frustration because we often times experience difficulty in understanding that a change is necessary and may or may not be because of us or in our favor.

Being provided the opportunities to see beyond what we have known for so long gives us feelings that we may feel different about what we have known for so long. We can realize that we can be OK and there is life beyond all we know. Life in the world we have become so accustomed to doesn’t have to be. We can learn and try new things and while they may seem scary to us at first, many times if we create a new routine that we feel comfortable doing, we can close the past that may not be working for us anymore.

We as human beings grow up, we learn things, we sometimes make mistakes and we learn from them. Maybe we regress because not being happy in what we have known makes us unhappy, but if we get back on track we see that there is an opportunity to see beyond what we have known and be more rational about making decisions that are better for us.

Sometimes, we have to realize that we cannot be dependent on all we have known all our lives because there may become a day that will not be there for us and the alternative, if not what we prefer, can cause further frustration and hardships. If an opportunity presents itself to have the opportunity we want, then we must take advantage to work on having that opportunity before it becomes too late to have.

We also have to trust in what others see in us despite our ability to acknowledge our ability to see the same thing. Being autisitc, we can have a narrow vision of seeing what we are capable of and having someone that is our cheerleader and can see in fact what we can do, will aid us in reaching our ultimate goal of what we want and even providing us with the ultimate opportunities that we are able of having and deserve to have.

We must remember that what is in our lives is not promised forever. We continually must be working on improving ourselves and keeping our best interests in mind and that there is life beyond what you know and feel comfortable all your life. Trying new things sometimes can be the best thing you can do to improve yourself so you can indeed change and grow.

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