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What Feelings are Typical?

Being autistic provides a skewed frame of mind. What may seem like something that is only experienced by the autistic mind may not be understood that what is being felt by an autistic person is also felt by neurotypicals as well.

To give some background on the situation let’s take into consideration activities outside the home environment. There are many times that I have ruminating thoughts in my head that I am no longer going to work and just play the disabled card. While that may seem nice for me or maybe think that what I am experiencing in the realms of my employment or day program may be challenging. Indeed there are times the things I am involved in can be challenging, however most times they do not provide sudden cause for me to regress what has been pivotal in my success fort almost two decades and has been the catalyst of helping me continue to grow into the man that I am today and continue to improve my skills.

For the longest time when experiencing these ruminating thoughts which at times could be very obsessive and produce out of control thinking, it can often be disregarded that in instances such as this, neurotypicals experience these feelings to some similarity as well. For them though, however the feelings may not become as ruminating or spiral into obsessive thoughts that may result in unfavorable actions that may result in damaging outcomes for the individual.

Until recently, I had the hardest time accepting the fact that some of the thoughts that I experience neurotypicals also experience to some degree. The difference is that they don’t typically ruminate, obsess, or vocalize these feelings to others so they are not as visible as they are in autistic individuals. As I am beginning to realize what thoughts that everyone experiences and specifically what neurotypicals experience similarly as a typical feeling rather than something you should act on, it makes it easier to realize the fact that what I am indeed experiencing is typical and should not be acted on. 

Wanting to act on these feelings has subsided in recent months, mostly due to setting up boundaries and entering a journey of self-discovery and growth for myself that has given me a more positive outlook on life that I have had for a long time. Having a better mindset and a positive outlook on life has provided a sound mind to be cognizant of what feelings are indeed valid and what is not needed. While I may have a thought about something, it has to be understood that it is indeed a typical feeling and as with any big step I undertake in my life, it should be properly planned out before commencing on an action that may result in an outcome that could be detrimental to a factor of my overall health.

All things considered, this is why it is very important to keep all factors of your wellness in check so you are able to make wise decisions that affect your daily living without properly weighing out what the final outcome will end up being. Seeking the advice of someone you trust may be a wise thing to do to understand as to what your experiencing is valid and whether or not you should act on something solely based on what thought is being processed at that given moment. Typical techniques such as outweighing out the pros and cons of things should be considered in choosing to pursue critical choices that affect your daily living.

While this experience is solely the experience that I am experiencing, it must be noted that there are times when feelings are valid and actions should be considered to be taken when it is necessary to do so in order to protect your overall stability. Practically, it should be at moments when you are at optimum wellness so you can make a wise decision that will prove well for you in your daily life and be sure that what you were feeling was valid and does not result in further feelings being produced.

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