A Journal Entry

It’s harder for me…But I get through it!

I have some things that many adults my age have like my own apartment and a part time job.

But I’m also autistic and have mental health challenges that make having those things and getting through the motions more challenging than many people.

Yet, I still keep fighting the fight every day and night.

Anxiety causes me to want to jump into flight mode and get out of what I have to do, but I know it’s not the answer, nor can I make excuses because I need to be at engagements that I said I would be at.

It’s also what I need to do to be financially healthy and have the freedom to do as I want.

While I think I would be satisfied in my small apartment day in and day out, I also know that life would be miserable for me without having the purposes and opportunities that are provided to me because of my employment.

It is also knowing that I do not want to become part of the statistic of being autistic and unemployed, rather embracing my job and all the opportunities that it provides me and how fortunate I am to have had it for so long despite having challenges now and then.

So, I will keep plugging along in this thing called life and make the best of it because that will make it an easier way to travel in this awesome journey that I have created for myself.

I have done and been through some things in my life and I’m sure that living day to day is nothing I haven’t conquered before.

In the end, I’ll be just fine with myself and that is all that matters.

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