A Journal Entry

Sunday Loops

Sunday nights can be quite a struggle for those who have to head to their Monday activities.

I am no casualty to this commonality in the modern world.

In fact my anxiety causes me to ruminate in a flight pattern thinking about running away from the current situation.

I know that we have to do things that are a part of life, but for some reason I take it out on those that are near to me because I do not channel my energy on Sunday night in a healthier way.

I know it is wrong to do this but my brain is wired to repeat this toxic cycle of behavior because I think it will solve my problems, but instead it just makes the relationships tougher to endure.

Tomorrow will be a new day, tonight will eventually be a memory. But right now at this moment I need to use the skills to relax and end the day on a positive note so tomorrow is better.

As the character Scarlett O’Hara said in her closing line in ‘Gone With the Wind’ “After all, tomorrow is another day,”

And be it so.

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