A Journal Entry

The “A” Word

However you see it, it’s the word once you are diagnosed with or have traits becomes a household name.

Autism or Autistic. No matter how you put it, is something that becomes a part of your life.

Whether it is in you or the person you fight for, it is a word that is used quite often in your life.

Eventually, you become strong enough to embrace it as part of the identity of who you are or the one you love.

It can be hard for us to have to tell someone why or how we are the way that we are.

It is not used for sympathy, rather it is often used in a way to be understood for who we are and why we do the things we do.

It often takes a lot of courage for us to disclose this much about ourselves.

Just because we disclose, we are guarding you with this to let you know that we think differently.

We are not less than our peers and likewise we should be treated no differently than our peers.

Oftentimes we just want to be included. Be a part of the conversation or the dialogue.

Not left out or put to the side just because of one word that defines who we are.

Just because we have that one word, does not mean one thing. We are just one in many.

Not what you see in the general populace. We just want to be human like everyone else.

We manty times are just like you. We have wants and needs, regardless of how we are perceived.

We grown up to be quite fine people if you allow us to learn and grow to be who we want to be.

We are fierce, brave, strong and oftentimes do what we need to do, not letting that “A” Word define us.

We are often proud of who we are and just want to be accepted for the total package.

Just to be accepted. That is all we want in life. Not to be excluded, left out or seen as less than.

Just accept us as we are and allow us to be a part of your life, you won’t regret it.

The “A” Word, its just a word, but it is who defines how we think, learn and are.

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