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Wellness Wednesday: Seeing A Change

With the month of April, it brings a lot of changes with the spring weather abound but for me it has also brought the effects of my work at losing weight the past month and as such my weight has greatly come down in five weeks time because of my due diligence to losing weight.

It comes as both no surprise and a shock that I have been losing weight because I have been doing the work to make it happen., It hasn’t been easy to put forth the effort to make the changes happen. I would have just sat back at home or laid in the couch or bed and ordered delivery food to my door, but I know that nothing will ever change if I don’t stick to my guns and keep up the work.

They say that you have to do something for twenty one days to make it a habit, and while I did not put forth the effort consistently to go to the gym or walk in the community, but once I do it, just like anything I do, I am glad that I did it and know that it was better for me to do it. I know that I can put my mind to many things I need to do. I know that I can do the things like go to they gym and get on the treadmill or walk in the community, but sometimes it is just easier to just be stagnant and do what I think I want to do or just lay in bed and feel sorry for myself.

In reality, as I learned in last week’s Wellness Wednesday blog, I accepted that activity helps not only improve one’s physical health, but also their mental health as well. Knowing that I have to take the motions going in order to see the changes happen and that is what I am seeing. Clothes are starting to fit better again, mobility is improving easier, victories are reached, because I am doing what I need to do to make the lifestyle change, many times at my own discretion.

While it is not easy, nor is it a perfect process, it is something that is quite remarkable and gives me inspiration to keep going down the path I need to. It is like anything I do, I just need to get started and stick to it, then it will be like second nature. It is, oftentimes I fall victim to just being lazy and not wanting to take those first steps that I need to take to make things happen the way they need to, but when I do, look out I do excellent.

I as always do, second guess every move I make and whether it is the right move to make or not, whether it will benefit me, you know the guessing game begins and keeps rolling sometimes. I know in the end, my body will benefit greatly because of the work I am doing, and while these changes are indeed small and in a way indirect to the “perfect”, I am within my limits most times, therefore somehow things do come to fruition.

Sometimes, doing things that can be different or unpleasant can be hard to get initiated, but knowing that there is hope down the road by seeing the changes come as they do, while being patient will give me the courage and inspiration to keep up the good work as I know that I need to do to keep doing what I need to do going and progress moving forward. I know I have to because of how my body interacts with hunger and it is reframing the behaviors to best meet my needs so that I do not backslide or fall back on the behaviors of the past. As they say, “if it is to be, it is up to me.” I know the changes will not come if I do not do the work.

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