A Journal Entry

The Path

Sometimes, life has its share of challenges in the path you travel.

That path may not be clear or straight, it can have its bumps, ebbs, and flows.

There are times when things do not go the way that we think they should go or happen the way we want.

Meeting common ground sometimes isn’t easy when you want an easy fix to things that didn’t occur overnight.

While not giving up on your dreams or what you want in the process, it can be hard when you don’t get the outcome you desire.

It can set you back mentally and it can be difficult to keep trudging forward, as you wonder, why bother?

But that is the principal of life, you must keep going and fighting for what you know you want or what Is right because you know it makes you happy.

The path isn’t always going to be straight or easy, it’s going to have detours, adverse weather, you name it.

There are going to be good times and bad. Sometimes it is going to be ugly, and you are going to second guess why you are still fighting for what you want.

But you will never reach your goals, be at peace or reach your destination if you give up.

That is something that I guess that I do not allow to be in my vocabulary.

You fight and keep going for what you want and desire because for you there is no other way.

It is just what you do.

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