A Journal Entry

Greatness Is Autism Acceptance

Acceptance, that is sometimes as autistic people all we want, is to be accepted.

For whom we are and what we want in life.

It can be the smallest thing in life just to be accepted as the whole package deal.

That it we don’t have to jump through any extra hoops to prove ourselves.

Just to be ourselves, in our element and not have to be corrected, ridiculed or have any other negative effect.

To be treated just the same as any other human being out there that just wants what we all want.

To be able to do or be in the same things as our neurotypical peers and not have and be welcomed and accepted for our needs, quirks or whatever may come down the life just because we have autism.

Just having to be ourselves in the world that is not made for us already takes a lot out of us, so why does it have to be harder than it already is, just accept us for who we are and meet us the best ways that you can.

For all we want is to just be accepted for being uniquely different than others and out needs met.

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