A Journal Entry

It’s Better This Way

Finally, I am getting my head after years in the sand of denial.

I am realizing that even though I thought differently, it is better to do what was ordered to me.

Even after nearly three and a half years of people telling me to get back on track, I wouldn’t listen to what I was being told.

One day, it sunk in like flicking the light switch.

What happens if I cannot regulate myself?

Will mobile crisis or law enforcement/first responders be involved and would I break my near 23 year streak of being out a psychiatric unit?

Would I just throw away my independence? My own home? My job? Was playing around with doing something so simple worth it?

Sometimes you need to hear it a certain way for you to get it!

Getting back on track can’t always be perfect, but I only missed once, bringing 94% accuracy to the table.

I feel so much better than I have for a long time. I have been there.

When I get off the track is when the trouble begins.

I’ve busted all the myths that doing things this way is MUCH better than the practice that I was doing.

Still on the journey of self-discovery, at peace and still learning how this new lease on life works and it is so much better this way.

Here’s to better times and to keeping on that track!

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