Reflections: Live as if Your Life Counts On It

Sometimes we need a wake-up call to understand how life is and that you need to stop flirting with disaster and just do what is right for once. That was me a few weeks ago and while it was not one certain thing, these events have made me understand the importance of getting back and doing things that I need to do for myself.

It sometimes takes us to dig in and understand why we do a certain behavior and what purpose it serves. Sometimes it takes someone to say the words we know all along and how much at risk we put ourselves with what we are doing that the thing we do not want to happen will happen if we continue down the path we head down. 

Sometimes it is other things to remind us how precious life is and that we are never guaranteed the next day in life. It drives us and makes us want to make things right with our past that we should have always been doing even though we knew they were long all along. It is sometimes recognizing past behaviors and understanding that they are unhealthy to continue and that now is the time to make them right once and for all before it is too late.

It is yearning for things that you have wanted all along but you put off for one reason or another or let the chain of excuses continue because something may feel uncomfortable or odd to you, anxiety can play a big part of this because it can be hard to see a world where everything is just fine and that there is nothing that is all that bad. It can be hard to imagine for once that life is good and that there is nothing to complain about or fight about with someone.

You actually want to go and do what is required of you and not act immature and seek attention to make people feel sorry for yourself, even though you know you are not going to garner that attention that you want. Sometimes you may realize that you are doing what you need to in life that there is nothing to complain or fight about with someone and you can actually have an engaging and hearty conversation with them, something they count on you for when you are their best self and can be valuable to them and not dependent on them.

It means being real with yourself and doing what is needed, even if the behaviors that you know deep down that the behaviors are limiting you in ways that eventually you can tell because of subtle actions of others in order to protect yourselves and them from causing conflict. It takes alot to earn the trust back that you had lost over the years as well as repairing the damage you have done over the years.

But knowing that by not doing the thing that you have known that you have needed to do all along is only pushing you further and further towards potential crisis or losing things you worked on like independence for example, it is a wake up call, as it should be. Deep down, I know it. But sometimes you need someone that you trust and believe their words and has a way with words to tell you the harsh reality of what you need to do so you act on what you know is essential for being your best self and doing what is required of you to do things like maintain your independence.

In essence, knowing the things that you need to do to make your life the one that you want it to be is essential so you do not decline mentally or physically. It is knowing that you have to be real about things that are simple and should be like second nature and be as if your life counts on it.

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