A Journal Entry



Sometimes in life we excel.

Sometimes in life we fail.

Sometimes in life…we ignore the signs of what we need to do.

It isn’t like we haven’t been told what to do time and time again.

We know what it does to us if we don’t listen to our bodies.

This thing called autism, it tears at me rough and puts me out.

I know what I need to do to be well. I’ve been told time and time again.

I just tire out so much because I do not listen to my body.

I know it tells me that I need to rest and recharge my battery.

But I cannot beat myself up either.

What happened, happened, I cannot change it.

But I cannot continue down the path I am going on forever.

I must make things right, I feel slowly that is happening as time moves forward.

But things sometimes catch up to me, they become too much.

Then those special things happen like daylight saving time.

They don’t make things as easier to repair.

But somehow you are to manage life as it is even though the clocks skip a beat.

Sometime… I will take better care of myself.

Sometimes…I will better prepare myself.

Sometimes…I will listen to my body more and know what is right.

Sometimes….Is one day and sometimes one hour at a time.

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