Being Prepared

Being Prepared: Power Outages

In this current age, we rely on electricity for so much to function in our daily lives. Being autistic, it can be the thing if we let us tear us apart and cause us to melt down because the lives we know are uprooted, but because of our challenges it can seem like the end of the world.

There is nothing like being prepared. One of those things is to be weather ready and aware. Power outages are mostly caused by weather-related events that are just a part of nature. In these instances, there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. Power restoration crews have a hierarchy to meet when restoring power and as such you just have to manage things as best as you can. Therefore it is best to be prepared.

In the last power outage, one thing that the National Weather Service tries to do as soon as they know is let the public know of any adverse weather that may affect daily life. It is imperative to educate yourself and your family on the different types of alerts along with the locations you routinely visit during any given week. Smartphones do a good job at letting us know when these warnings are issued. I have always been told that when seeking forecasts that it is best to stick to one outlet alone and not seek multiple ones.

When alerts are given in enough notice, it is best to prepare yourself in the best way possible. Have devices charged and when they are automatically off the power grid, make sure to set them to battery saver mode, if possible in order to preserve battery life as much as you can. It is also wise to invest in a few power banks if a long term outage is to happen. Remember, there can be a lot of unknowns when it comes to power outages, especially in the timing of having it restored. Therefore, it is best to do what is needed to ensure that the necessary tools are at your disposal.

It is also common knowledge that if wire-based Internet is involved, that will likely be out as well. While not everyone has a data plan for all devices, I find it wise to have a backup or older device that is somewhat salvagale to use in these very instances where you can download some apps that operate when the use of the Internet is just not possible.

There are many other things that can be done such as having batteries and flashlights at your disposal and knowing where things are in an emergency. There are also other common techniques such as limiting the trips to the refrigerator/freezer in order to conserve energy. It is also wise to invest in a weather or portable weather / combination radio in order for you to be aware of the current state of affairs since access to the traditional outlets are unavailable due to the electricity being unavailable.

The main thing is to remain calm in these instances. Reacting negatively will not solve the issue any quicker. You have to let it run its course and manage things the best you can given the circumstances. It is going to be challenging, but being prepared will make the experience more manageable to bear.

Being prepared is key to making sure that you are ready to go into action during any emergency that comes your way and be less stressful for you and those that care for you.

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