A Journal Entry

So, I Did A Thing

For the past I would say nearly 4 years, I have been paying for a discounted gym membership through my medical insuirance, and while I used it at a former location until the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020 along with moving twice in just five months, focusng on my physical health was less of a priority.

Being a small town there is only a handful of health clubs, let alone those that accept my benift and cater to my needs. There is a health club a few blocks over from my home and since I do not hava a car, this needed to be a workable option.

I toured it a while ago and while I felt it somewhat meets my needs, I became very reluctant for the longest time, partly due to self-isolating in my home because it is my safe space and I feel comfortable.

Fast forward to last week, I suddenly had the desire to do what it took to get the membership changed to the new club. So I called, made the appointment for this morning and signed up. It may be a sign because my share is going up $3 more than the current rate in April, so I made the decision that I am going to use it and not throw away money that has no benefit.

I went, I asked questions, got clarity on how things I wanted to do worked and am planning to start to get out there at least a few days a week for now. It may be something as simple as signing up to join, but for me this was a big step because I have been putting it off, from just making the appointment to actually showing up and following through with it, I feel so much better by making a move for the better today.

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