A Journal Entry

You Are Better Than This.

That is the story that I often tell myself.

Sometimes, through the bouts of wanting to act immature when I struggle with the things of autism.

Change, Transitions, Sensory Struggles.

I have to have a conversation with myself that I am better than the childish self that my mind wants me to be.

It has taken a lot of work to get here.

2023 I am sure is the year. It has proven that.

I am everyday things that used to be so irritating so much better than I used to.

Yet, there are those pesky thoughts that sometimes play in my head that make me want to do things that I have worked so well to control.

This is Autism. It is the struggle in managing the challenges with transitions, sudden changes occurring, too much or unpredictable stimuli.

I must remind myself of how lucky to be where I am today, literally.

The parents that would not give up on me having my best life.

The professionals that have seen and helped me grow into the man I am.

The people I have met and continue to meet on this journey called life.

It is just another day in the life of Dustin.

The choices I make about managing my emotions. The ball is in my court.

Hoping to make today a good day! And live the dream!

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