Parkwood Power
A Journal Entry

Today and Going Forward

Today and Going Forward I need to:

STOP feeling sorry for myself and what I must do to get through life.

STOP wallowing in self-pity thinking life is SO bad because it’s not.

STOP allowing myself to keep falling in the behavior that is wrong.

STOP making wanting others to want to validate what isn’t true.

STOP wanting others to give in to what I want because I think it will make me feel better.

STOP being selfish, and jealous for what people have worked for. They’ve earned it.

STOP thinking my life is at its worst point ever. I know its good right now.

STOP being negative about what I must do I life. I know I can do it and I’ll be fine.

STOP making false threats, thinking it will solve all my problems.

STOP thinking life is better isolating yourself, you know it’s not.

STOP blaming things that you know you have control of and the ability to do.

STOP being immature and childish, you are a grown man.

STOP and be thankful for I know I am blessed to be here and couldn’t imagine it any other way working out for the better.

STOP being miserable and just be happy to be alive and well.

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