A Journal Entry

Energy Doesn’t Last Forever

Last night, I was depleted of energy.

Followed my morning routine to the letter.

Jam-packed day at work, chock full of knowledge.

Came home and did some more things that needed done/

Eventually, my body gave in and said it couldn’t do any more.

Another harder part of my journey of radical acceptance is the fact that I need to take care of myself no matter what it takes or where it is the popular thing to do.

Even if the night is young and I am depleted, I have to recognize the fact that I need to just man up, be an adult and not fall into the trap of missing doses anymore.

Because of past experiences, I often viewed going to bed early as a form of punishment and not having autonomy to make choices as a person.

This reared my independence to the point where I finally understanding the need to take care myself regardless of what others think.

I thought of this picture I took on one of the longest days of the year at one of my wagon trains camps where we shared the field with overhead power lines.

As much as I want to be an Energizer bunny and keep on going as my brain can do if I allow it, doing just that will only make my brain worse.

Besides, I know I will feel better and that I like to start my days early, plus today I took some time to indulge in some binge watching of YouTube to recharge even more, now I can be prepared to last a little longer until I am ready to turn in tonight and start the cycle tomorrow.

Take care of YOU, don’t be a crowd seeker.

Know that your energy doesn’t last forever.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you will crash hard.

Take care and stay safe out there.

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