A Journal Entry

Living My Life The Best I Can

It can be hard to be dismissive about things you need to do to take care of in life.

Health, Appointments, Commitments, your priorities get shuffled sometimes.

But sometimes, you think of the great things in life that you want in life.

Just because of my challenges, I know I will get there if I work towards it.

For me, just like this morning’s blog post states (I encourage you to read it)

You must take care of you and live your best life while you can.

I think I realized that last week into this week when someone my age that I went to school this week died of a heart attack suddenly. As old as I am. No longer here.

It gave me an eye opener that didn’t hit reality until I passed the funeral home where his viewing was held last night.

It struck deep that I need to start caring and take my body and health seriously.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow, nor are our loved ones going to be here forever either.

We must treasure the moments we have to make with them while we can.

Don’t brush off missed opportunities when asked to take part in them.

Because before you know it, it will be too late.

I’ve been lucky to have time with the ones I loved before it was too late.

But sometimes we put ourselves selfish needs in the way over love.

Sometimes, it’s making sacrifices throughout our lives to not only take care of ourselves but to care and spend time with those that love us too.

When I don’t meet the milestone that I wanted to reach last night, I say as Scarlett O’Hara says in Gone With The wind…”After all…tomorrow is another day.”

Well tomorrow is here my friends, we have to do the best we can before having any regrets, care for ourselves or others.

Hopefully in 2023, I’ll get to the top of the hill where this Cross pictured is, I struggled this year, but I have a goal to make it easier in 2023, both physically and mentally.

I will get there if I put my mind to it.

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