A Journal Entry

What’s On My Mind?

That is such a hard question to ask right now?
Mentally, I am mostly in a good place.
But there are those moments
If I allow myself to go there.
My brain will catapult into the negative intrusive way of thinking.
I know I have to work on properly coping with them and not think the intrusive, irrational thoughts that simply are untrue.
No one deserves to hear my rattle off nonsense, not even loved ones.
I am a beautiful, happy and intelligent person in my own unique way.
I know what I need to do in the course of the week is something that is healthy and gives me purpose.
I know that becoming isolated can rear up on itself in a very bad way and could end tragically.
Right now, I need to focus on ending the day on a good note and starting tomorrow off on the right foot, because it isn’t that bad, it just my brain overreacting like it does every Sunday Night!
Why should I be surprised, or fall into the same cycle every week?
I’m going to get up and move on with my life as it never happened.
I know I’ll be fine and I need not to worry, everything’s OK!

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