A Journal Entry

Knowing when I am checked out.

There’s a time that I know that I am checked out.

After using all the energy in my daily battery.

After doing all the errands and tasks.

I just don’t have any more energy to give.

I know I need to rest because I’ll feel better if I do.

But I know I can’t oversleep because it will cause me to fall in to The Trap.

I have accepted that it is OK to rest, but once I get up, I have to stay up until its bedtime.

Because I know not making good use of my energy can be a bad thing.

It can cause things to spiral into The Loop and then into The Trap.

It takes doing the many things that I know that I need to do to be my best.

You see, I know that this is one of many things I need to work on currently so the cycle doesn’t repeat again.

It is self-awareness and knowing that I must put my needs before the needs of others.

So, I can rebuild myself and get back into rhythm.

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