A Journal Entry, Sleep

Go to Bed

Most of my life, I have related the term “go to bed” as some sense of being the “bad child” or that it was time for the “grown-ups”

Because I did not move out on my own until I was 33, I grew up pretty fast and one of the biggest things I struggled since then was accepting that when I “go to bed”, that it is not a form of punishment.

That I am not a “child” or a “kid”.

But as a human, like anyone else, I need rest to be well and live life in a world that is not made to be kind to my life.

That I can live life to the fullest potential and be my best.

That I can do the things I need to do.

That I can get UP on the “right” side of the bed and start the day putting my best foot forward.

I have accepted the fact that I am human and more than likely not alone as people around the world navigate to their own clock.

Mine is necessary because of the timeframe of my day, especially when having a set routine before I have to head out the door.

I, like many autistic people thrive off of routine and find them essential to happen every day for things to go right, if they can.

It does not make me a “child” or a “kid”

It makes me who I am and I, like everyone else need a good night’s sleep and some rest.

I know what I need to do and I have been doing it for a while, but every once and again those situations will arise where I nearly fall in the trap before realizing that it is best to take care of ME before I negatively affect others because of poor choices.

I am living on my own, and I “go to bed” when I want because I need to sleep as every human needs it.

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