A Journal Entry

Living Only My Life

It can be hard to navigate life in worlds outside of our own.

Despite what many think about autistics, we can feel energy.

It can produce a roller coaster of emotions.

That is when I learn to utilize the coping skills necessity to endure life.

Radical Acceptance, being in the moment and Being in my life.

Sometimes, we want to be the empath, the people pleaser or the fixer.

We want to try to fix things to make sure things go the way we want them to go.

That is when I have to realize that I have to focus on what my role in things are.

What do I need to do to manage myself in the here and now the best way that I can?

What can I do to help make the situation go easier for me in the moment?

Life happens, you can’t change other people or how things go in life.

But you can choose how you react to things.

I know I don’t want others to see the side I don’t want them to see.

There is a place and time for expressing myself and there are ways to cope with the stressful situations. I have been working on these for the last several years.

I know that today is when I am prone to fall in the trap.

But today, it’s about doing what I need to do to take care of me and live life the way that I need and want to. Essentially, that is all I can do. Be my best for me and those who need me.

Living life as I can, in my way, in my time.

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