A Journal Entry

Give and Take

Sometimes in a family, we need to give and take responsibilities.

Sometimes we support each other to be granted reassurance that we are doing well.

Today, my mother visited me and helped me get ready for the possibility of a HUD inspection.

As I know I do my best and we may not always see things eye to eye.

It did feel good to know she was mostly pleased with the majority of the upkeep of my home. I am unsure if my apartment will be inspected, but I need to be ready just in case.

She helped me with the last things and made some pointers.

For her helping and her reassurance, I took her to lunch.

It was the lunch hour, a long line and a worker shortage but it was worth it.

Sitting there catching up on the weeks stuff and enjoying our food on a day when we did not have to be in a rush when we normally go out.

It makes a nice close on the experience today compared to years past and I know she is proud of me doing what I need to do to keep everything in line.

My parents are my rock!

They have been my supporter when many were not!

Even in my thirties, they care and advocate when I need them to!

And I help them when they need it too!

It is a give and take relationship that I treasure dearly!

And will make it my best!

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