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Holding It Together

As I commonly say to not only myself as a pep talk but to others with similar diagnosis, “sometimes things happen” I for one, catastrophize the worst possible scenario, but it is critical for us to keep our calm in those situations so those who need to orchestrate what needs to happen to solve the problem can happen safely.

When things happen that are unexpected in life occur, we often worry about how those mishaps will affect our life. Many times this has happened with family, especially with those that I have a very deep and conflicting relationship with at times, They have learned what is best for me to do in those given situations over the years, but it has taken me until recently to accept and learn that I have to be my best in the situation and had because reacting negatively will only pass off like energy onto others. This means that we need to be patient with things and understand that things MAY not happen the way we want to. We MAY have to do things we dislike or not feel totally comfortable with because of sensory or other issues we may have with ourselves. However, those in the situation with you may need any assistance that they feel you can offer and may very well often know that you can handle the situation at hand.

For me, these situations have many times involved the inability to navigate via a vehicle which is why I for many parts can imagine I experience some PTSD to a degree and am reluctant when I have to do things that are outside the norm. Things have improved luckily over the years because of instances of luck, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen as something very small as a van physically stuck on the side of the road through no fault of anyone. In past situations, I would have reacted very negatively to this, but the driver sent the other driver for me and the others on the route and asked to have assistance rendered to him, so in all instances there was no harm done. 

In all instances, I have been safe and taken care of and that is what is essential. I have equipped myself with the necessary tools so that I can divert my energy if it is going to be an extended period of time before a solution is going to come to fruition,. It is always important to remember that I have adulted significantly over the years and that others look up to me as a role model how to master me, therefore it is essential for me to conduct myself in the best way that I can. 

Life isn’t perfect with myself, but I am working on that the best I can.  There’s going to be mishaps and flawed moments, but we accept responsibility and move on from the way we may have improperly conducted ourselves at that certain moment. We live and we learn from those experiences and grow from them.

Unexpected occurrences are always going to happen in life. If everything in life went the way it wanted to, it would be a pretty mundane and scary world out there. The best advice that I can  give someone is to be prepared for whatever life throws at you and conduct yourself in the way that you know that you can. It may not be easy but it makes the situation at hand much easier to handle and everyone around you will be proud for you and may look up to you as a role model for the way you overcame a very challenging or difficult situation.

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