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Wellness Wednesday: Backsliding Fears

Having been struggling with my weight for an extended period of time, continuing to follow through with what needs to be done in order to lose weight can be a struggle. Life is full of temptations and lack of care, but I know that I must be resilient and continue the fight.

Something that keeps me going and not wanting to be continually conscious of my physical health is a few years ago when the world was in a different state of mind and I could barely make it through the supercenter. It was a scary time and being home as a result of the pandemic didn’t help the situation, nor did being well mentally. That was a time that I thought seriously of not caring about my body.

Starting to get back on my feet nearly two years ago, I thought things would change, but they didn’t. Having more freedom of delivery once again along with another lockdown shortly after moving in my current home and government orders did not help. I can remember the struggle of even walking a quarter of a mile down the road to the local shopping center. I could only make it to the benches and would be so sweated and out of breath that I wondered how long I would live. One of the things that was my saving grace is the fact that several stairs are required to access parts of life activities.

One of the things back then that was missing in my routine for an extended period of time was my weight loss support group. Out of fear, I shied away from going to the meetings as they opened back up but last March I took the steps back and discovered that I gained 40 pounds in the course of nearly a year. Honestly going back was what saved my life. Shockingly enough, because of pandemic limitations, the annual 5K held by the local trail concern was pushed back a few months that year. 

Through the perseverance of my mother and I, we slowly hit the course nearly every day in almost three months and while I wasn’t a winner of the race, I did complete it and that is what matters. This too is what saved my life. As the world continued to open up more and more, Ii realized the importance of not only getting out but also being accountable for the actions of my physical health. 

I know more than ever that I need the accountability of the scale. I invest myself in the support group by taking on responsibilities. I need the support of the group and the accountability of that scale to keep me in check. I also understand the consequences of not being accountable to that scale.  The same can be said for making sure I get some sort of movement in the course of the day and eating responsibly is something I know that is essential for me to be well overall.

I know that I have a ways to go in my weight loss journey, but at least I am not where I once was and that is what matters. I constantly remind myself of the achievements that I have done and the benefits of doing things to keep me accountable and active in my journey and that there will someday come better health, better fitting clothes and a better attitude. It has to be in your mind, plain and simple. No one can do it for you, you have to invest the energy into it and do what you need to do in order to be well.

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