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Wellness Wednesday: Balance of Time

Last week I have been experiencing the importance as an autistic individual to properly balance my time more. The past few years have changed the way we have thought about time and how we spend it. However, with the world getting back into some state of normalcy, it is imperative that there needs to become a balance of how we spend our time as people.

I am starting to discover the importance of sleep as an autistic individual and how I am lucky to sleep compared to the many autistics that are unable to keep asleep. I realize that it can be hard to shut down and put the world on pause because there is a lot of potential with our world being constantly connected to technology, but the fact is that if sleep is not had, eventually you will crash and as a result you will not be of any purpose to do anything. This has happened to me time and time again and I am now starting to repair the damage that I have made.

Sometimes as autistc individuals we experience difficulty in doing things that are unfamiliar or strange to us because our anxiety makes us expect the worst possible scenario to occur from it but in reality it can be one of the better things that has happened to us in a long time. It can be easy to remain in the spaces that make us feel comfortable because we know as autistics that everything will more likely occur without any flaws. 

On the other side of the coin, it may be more important to do things because you may not have another opportunity to do something with those people again. I have had some close encounters with this and can’t even imagine what life would have been like if I hadn’t had those opportunities. Sometimes, it may cause anxiety because of a small or lack of detail but getting out the door is the biggest part and actually seeking something other than what happens within your own confines is sometimes good and expands your horizons.

This can also be a struggle when answering messages, texts, etc. You want to be a good person and do the right thing and respond quickly, but it must be understood that you may not be able to respond as quickly as desired for a number of factors. It can be hard on you as the individual to respond because you may have your mind focused on something else and it may be difficult to distract yourself from where you are in your headspace at the moment to where others want you to be or focus. When you do not want to think in the way that they want you may be hurt or feel awkward that you brushed someone off in that manner but it is imperative that you make yourself your first priority.

Knowing that you have strong boundaries and limits can be the baseline for where you do place your time and how you properly balance it so that you can be well and manage your life properly and not have any issues with the life that you are living while while maintaining optimum health so you can function within the worlds you live in. Balancing time doesn’t always go perfect and cannot be understood by everyone, but it has to work what is best for you.

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