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Wellness Wednesday: Goal-Driven

The past month has been very good for me in the fact of being well. I am losing weight very consistently and as such I am setting goals for intervals so I can be accountable for myself in between the times I meet the accountability of the weekly weigh-in. Doing so has proven well and as such gives me the drive to keep the journey up and moving forward.

My weight loss challenge has always had high and low points. I cannot recall a time in the past few years where my weight has continually dropped. In addition, I have won the “loser of the week” award at the weight loss support group for several of the past weeks. Therefore, I must be making changes for the better, right? I know that I have linked up with the nutritionist in past weeks and have an initiative to do better as far as what I eat. I am moving more which is another great thing as part of getting back out into the community again like I did before the pandemic. 

I am also recognizing that in these challenging economic times, that I need to reduce my take out meals and focus more on cooking at home. Additionally knowing of food recalls at local restaurants has been another factor of knowing to remain safe and do the right thing. Planning and shopping for food items on a weekly basis has helped greatly in this regard. I realize that I should follow a meal plan as closely as possible although the past week I had a few setbacks, but as long as I adhere to it within the next day or so, I know that everything will be OK.

Having goals that I set each week, particularly when meeting the scale each week has proven well. Also recognizing that if they are not achieved that I may not have all the answers of why that didn’t happen, but if I own the facts that I may not have done all the right things within the course of the week, then I also have to accept that I need to get back in the game and move on.

It isn’t about reaching a certain weight for me. Although I do have to admit it will someday be nice to be lighter, I just want better health. I have been thinking about myself over two years ago when I was at the supercenter and I could barely make it through the store or even stand up for long periods of time because of the world being shut down. It taught the world that it can never happen again and in March 2021 when I was 25 pounds higher when returning to the weight loss support group, I realized that if it is happening, I need to go and at least gain weight for accountability purposes.

It can be easy to just say forget it and not care about what I do with my body, but in recent weeks realizing that I want to live made me accept the fact that if I want to make life better for me, that I have to be the one behind the driver’s seat to make that happen.  I also recognize that it isn’t going to all come off overnight and that I may have periods of plateaus or setbacks. However, I am a smart person who can do the right things if he puts his mind to it and having consistent weight loss over the past few weeks has proven as  such.

Don’t be afraid of making changes that you know may be hard in the beginning but will pay off in the long run, because for me, I know that I want to live as long as I can in the moment that I am in now and that is possible by me being able to take care of myself in the best way that I can with the proper amount of support.

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